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An isometric, retro-ish, demolition derby.  Pretend that you found this in a clearance bin in the electronics department of a Wal-Mart in 1997.

Created by Tom Duggan (tomduggan85@gmail.com).

2 Game Modes

Classic Rumble - Crash into the other cars until you're the only one left.

Sudden death - Same as classic rumble, but without arena walls.  If you fall into the pit, you're done.

4 Difficulty Levels

8 Cars

Keyboard Controls

Up arrow / W: Gas
Down arrow / S: Brake (all wheels)
Left arrow / A: Steer left
Right arrow / D: steer right
Spacebar: Handbrake (rear wheels)
R: Toggle reverse
Esc: Pause game


Programming / Art: Tom Duggan
3D models: Renafox and filipeb2011
Fonts: Chequered Ink


v1.0.0 (March 2020)
First release, 8 cars and 2 game modes.


Download or claim
On Sale!
100% Off
$1.00 $0.00 USD or more

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rumble_v1.0.0_mac.zip 22 MB
rumble_v1.0.0_win32.zip 19 MB
rumble_v1.0.0_win64.zip 21 MB


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thanks for playing it!

really nice job you've done here, a lot of fun :)

thank you!


Really fun , its ganna be cool with sound . and i think you should add more paintjobs and visual crash damage . but overall its a great game good job , multiplayer and maps would be sweet too 

Thanks for playing. Crash damage, both deforming and lost parts, is high on my list. More game modes (teams, 1-vs-all, etc. ) is too. 

The game is very nice, good job.

However, I have no sound ingame, is this a known issue?


Hi, thanks! The game has no sound currently. It’s on my list of things to add in the future. 

Lool what an amazing game, I hope that I could see it as a multiplayer game pleease :D <3 

Thanks! Some day I'll add multiplayer!